Laser treatment has been constantly a growing form of treatment in veterinary medicine in the treatment of animals at farms (e.g diseases in domestic animals), pets (e.g dogs, cats) and animals in sports (eg. Horse racing, horse riding).
Animals (e.g. Dogs and Horses) can benefit from Handy Cure (LLLT/ Quantum Therapy) just as much as humans do. It helps them move around better and assures that they stay fit and healthy for many years.
Quantum Therapy may affect the animal’s body in two ways:

1. The projection on the direct damaged or diseased area on the animal body/ skin (Zonal quantum Therapy).
2. Quantum treatment of biologically active sites (Biologically active points).

There may be situations where the therapeutic laser can completely replace the use of traditional therapy or medication.

Taking care of animals: – we need to be aware of any pain related symptoms they might be showing
– Look out for the following:
1. hunched back
2. lameness or uneven stride
3. discomfort when being touched or lifted
4. more reluctant than usual to climb stairs or steps
5. lying on only one side or stiff when getting up
6. behavioral changes
7. paw licking
8. puppy sitting in a grown up dog
9. changes in performance

Handy Cure might help in Vet Medicine in the treatment of the following diseases:

1. Chronic gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis
2. Wober syndrome (neck problems)
3. Back Pain
4. Anal sacs and Fistulas
5. Hip Dysplasia
6. Cruciate Ligaments
7. Tendon Weakness
8. Pododermatitis
9. Wound healing, acral lick granuloma
10. Elbow arthrosis
11. Chronic otitis
12. Facial nerve paralysis