“I am very happy with the Handy Cure laser after using it for several months. I have compared many lasers that are far more expensive,
and I like Handy Cure the best. At times, it does the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment. One method that I use is over the occiput C1 juncture for about a minute, then the nerve root from the spine to the area of complaint for a minute, and then over the complaint area for a minute. Then I have the patient move or do range of motion and repeat if needed. Thanks for a great product and great service” www.DrSteveJennings.com

“I use the Handy Cure in my chiropractic office for many different conditions. I have used more powerful lasers, more expensive lasers — but the Handy Cure does a fantastic job on my patient’s conditions. It is easy to use… so easy that some of my patients have purchased ones for home use. I have 350 doctors in my group and many have purchased the Handy Cure to help even the most difficult patients. Powerful, easy to use and inexpensive is a winning combination.”

“We feel that the Handy Cure laser works well in conjunction with chiropractic treatments. It helps to relieve & reduce the Inflammation & pain and it does help to speed up the recovery time in addition to chiropractic care. The Handy Cure works very well with Chiropractic care”

“I bought the Handy Cure laser for my mother. She has had both hips replaced in the past year and spinal surgery five years ago. A very complex 72 year old patient, she took a very hard fall on the ice two months ago and had hairline rib fractures and a bone bruise on her femur at the right trochanter. She had excruciating pain for a month and several trips to the ER and multiple visits to see her doctors and was using a walker for all movement, a very grim situation. Within 4 to 5 days of using the Handy Cure 3 to 4 times per day over her hips, spine, and ribs her pain levels dropped by 70%. It’s the first time since her fall she’s had any relief and it’s the only therapy she was doing. Amazing results and she is well on her way to a great recovery, I’m very impressed!”

“Like water dripping on a rock, pain washes your life potential away. Due to Fibromyalgia my unwelcome companions were sleeping, pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Prior to 2015 Christmas; a rising level of pain, poor sleep, stress and concentration, forced my work as a dressmaker to cease. So what do we do when the going gets tough? Go to Google of course! I found the best little healing machine ever! Reading the reviews, I quickly deduced…this Handy Cure is worth a shot, I made a call and decided to take the plunge….two days later I was healing myself! First position was on the side of my neck at the base of my scull…five minutes on the Variable, after the beep, I moved the positioning a little and gave it another cycle..Beep!.. my neck movement was smooth and free, like it had been lubricated…Wow! is this my imagination? So that was just seven days ago. I maintained treatments twice a day for four days, had two pain free days! After 45 years with travelling joint and muscle pain this is astounding! We are a scientific household.. suffice to say the Handy Cure has had a pretty solid workout in 7 days.”

“Dear David, I Like to thank you for introducing me Handy Cure. I think you know how I suffered with Pain in Graz. On coming back to Chennai India the pain increased and fur to lack of blood circulation both my feet swell. As per your advice I used Handy Cure, On the first day I felt confident that it works. Within 3 days swelling subsided. Now I carry it wherever I travel. I also used it on two patients who had joint pains. Result was good.Thank You”

“E., usually a healthy man, experiences strong pains at the front of his head and above his left ear. Unfortunately, he feels no relief when taking tranquilizers. Although a single series of Handy Cure treatment at a varying frequency had no effect, two series of treatment at the frequency of 5 eased his pain significantly and he functions now with no medications.J. is a 16 years old girl and she complained of strong lower back and abdomen pains, in particular close to her menstruation dates. I instructed her to apply Handy Cure at the pain locations 12 to 15 days after menstruation and if pain returns to apply Handy Cure at frequency 5 for two series of treatment. J. reported later that she felt much better after the treatment. A., a woman of 54, is overweight 35kgs. She recently fell and after her fall she suffered from persistent pains at her right ankle. A. used Handy Cure for two weeks, and after a series of treatments at frequency 5 and 50 she reported significant relief in her pain.”

“The Handy Cure laser has worked brilliantly for my Fibromyalgia pain. I use it for many of the touch points when they begin to pulse with pain and they settle down within a very few sessions. I was actually surprised by this success since these points react only slightly to pain medication and I am delighted to find relief. I have also used it on a small calf muscle tear with excellent results.”


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